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LOTR:ROTK: the trailers before the movie:

The Butterfly Effect
Ivan: I can't believe I actually am looking forward to an Ashton Kutcher film. I really want to see this.

Lara: Bah. "Lawrence of Seabiscuit", anyone?
Ivan: I don't know, it could be good. I'm glad Hollywood is making epics again. I want to see it.
Lara: You want to see everything you see a trailer for.
Ivan: Oh, that's not true.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Ivan: See? Case in point.

(But really, he does pretty much want to see anything with guns, sweeping vistas, John Woo-ish action, or clever use of CGI in the trailer. His enthusiasm is almost contagious- now I'm thinking; "yeah, 'Troy', that might be good...")

I liked ROTK, but it made me want to see "Army of Darkness" (aka Evil Dead 3) again more than it made me want to read LOTR or see the other 2 LOTR movies again. There should be more movies with epic battles against armies of the dead.

Also this weekend, I saw "Battle Royale*", which was great and actually gave me bad dreams. For some reason I can't fathom, the second DVD of extra features has two subtitle choices: "Korean" or "None". Why go to the trouble of subtitling disc 1 in English but not disc 2 and yet include them in one set? I shouldn't bitch too much, as the movie is rumored to be difficult to acquire in the first place (I merely rented it), but as a cinema audience, I'm guessing us Region 1 English speakers outnumber Region 1 Korean speakers by quite a bit...

*I always think of the Pulp Fiction"Royale with Cheese" bit whenever I see the name of this movie. Unlike "paper fan" and "pot lid", however, I do not think "cheeseburger" was one of the weapons assigned to the kids in the film.

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