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LOTR:ROTK: the trailers before the movie: - The inexplicable charisma of the rival [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Just me.

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LOTR:ROTK: the trailers before the movie: [Dec. 22nd, 2003|02:36 am]
Just me.
The Butterfly Effect
Ivan: I can't believe I actually am looking forward to an Ashton Kutcher film. I really want to see this.

Lara: Bah. "Lawrence of Seabiscuit", anyone?
Ivan: I don't know, it could be good. I'm glad Hollywood is making epics again. I want to see it.
Lara: You want to see everything you see a trailer for.
Ivan: Oh, that's not true.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
Ivan: See? Case in point.

(But really, he does pretty much want to see anything with guns, sweeping vistas, John Woo-ish action, or clever use of CGI in the trailer. His enthusiasm is almost contagious- now I'm thinking; "yeah, 'Troy', that might be good...")

I liked ROTK, but it made me want to see "Army of Darkness" (aka Evil Dead 3) again more than it made me want to read LOTR or see the other 2 LOTR movies again. There should be more movies with epic battles against armies of the dead.

Also this weekend, I saw "Battle Royale*", which was great and actually gave me bad dreams. For some reason I can't fathom, the second DVD of extra features has two subtitle choices: "Korean" or "None". Why go to the trouble of subtitling disc 1 in English but not disc 2 and yet include them in one set? I shouldn't bitch too much, as the movie is rumored to be difficult to acquire in the first place (I merely rented it), but as a cinema audience, I'm guessing us Region 1 English speakers outnumber Region 1 Korean speakers by quite a bit...

*I always think of the Pulp Fiction"Royale with Cheese" bit whenever I see the name of this movie. Unlike "paper fan" and "pot lid", however, I do not think "cheeseburger" was one of the weapons assigned to the kids in the film.

[User Picture]From: rimrunner
2003-12-22 09:11 am (UTC)
There should be more movies with epic battles against armies of the dead.

There's always Pirates of the Caribbean. Though that hasn't got Bruce Campbell.

I'm afraid that I'm a romantic, sentimental sop--I cried several times during RotK, then went home, re-read all my favorite bits, and cried some more.

My consolation is, I get like this about very few things.

I want to see Hidalgo. I'm afraid it's not going to turn out to be very good, but Viggo and horses are more than enough to keep me entertained. I blame my inner 13-year-old.

(I have a weakness for epics, anyway. I'm all over Troy, although Paris is my least favorite mythical character. On the other hand, Odysseus is one of my most favorites, so it balances out.)
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[User Picture]From: holyoutlaw
2003-12-22 10:42 am (UTC)
Not at all interested in Butterfly Effect. Read too many time-travel science fiction stories on the same premise as a child.

Pretty interested in Hidalgo, largely for the same reasons that Rimrunner is: Viggo and horses. I hadn't heard of Troy before you mention it just now.

And John Woo has a new movie coming out very soon, opens Christmas Day, in fact. Hah!
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[User Picture]From: erikred
2003-12-22 01:14 pm (UTC)

Thank god

I was beginning to think that I was alone in my shame at having to admit that I want to see an Ashton Kutcher film. Thank you, Ivan. I got your back, man.
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[User Picture]From: lemur68
2003-12-22 10:06 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't say "looking forward", but I was also thinking that it looked far too interesting for him to be in it.

When I saw it there was also for a trailer that looked like HR Giger had a hand in the set design, that looked almost interesting until Vin Diesel showed up.

Oh yeah, and there was one for some movie about a little boy that's a wizard, or something.

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