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Stuff I want Stephin Merritt to rhyme

This entry will only make sense to you Magnetic Fields groupies out there. but for the rest of you, what you need to know is that Merritt is very clever, and rhymes words or phrases that you can't imagine have anything to do with one another, such as "cabbages" and savages", "dancing" and "Lansing" (the town in Michigan) and they all fit together into a perfect little pop song.

here are the 2 I most want to hear used in future lyrics:

"Hegemony" and "Chimney"

this assumes that the first is pronounced sorta like "hedge-jim-in-me"
{quit laughing, Q!} which I think is right. but maybe it isn't.

"Mel Ott" (the "little giant" of baseball) and "Pol Pot" (murderous leader of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge, also referenced in Dead Kennedy's "holiday in Cambodia")

more later, prolly. feel free to suggest your own additions.

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