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Why I should avoid reading the Craiglist's "events" listings...

There are probably sillier reasons to form an online social club than shared dedication to a $115 (and up) men's garment.


But I can't think of many at the moment.

"The intent of this group is to unite the Ukilitarians and Kilted Urban Warriors of the Pacific Northwest. "

While I concur that it takes a certain degree of confidence to be a guy wearing a skirt (even a denim one also offered in a "beer gut cut") in daily life, your choice of clothing does not transform you into a "urban warrior".

"Ukilitarian" sounds like a Unitarian brandishing a ukelele (and we all know how unpleasant that could be).

It's like the "Men's Movement" stuff of the mid-nineties for the Burning Man crowd...yike.

Note: I have nothing against Utilikilts or the men who wear them. I do have a problem with anyone who would describe themselves as a "Kilted Urban Warrior" without laughing.

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