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The first rule of the closet is....

So Chuck Palahniuk is gay. Huh. Not really a suprise, given that Fight Club treaded the thin line between macho and homoerotic, but this is the part that got me:

Chuck Palahniuk made public his 11-year relationship with another man.

11 years?! I know that writing misanthropic tales doesn't neccessarily make the writer a misanthropist or otherwise unbalanced, but I find it amusing that, in reality, Chuck's actually an Old Married Guy. 11 years is certainly better than most people in my peer group have managed, and my peers don't tour the country reading short stories so graphic that listeners pass out or vomit upon hearing them, nor do they gleefuly keep a running tally of the "body count" of people at readings thus affected.

It's kinda like knowing that Dan Savage, for all his expertise with fisting, pegging and Santorum, adopted a kid with his partner and probably goes to more parent-teacher conferences than he does leather bars or touring productions of classic Broadway musicals.

Of course, the thing that makes me happiest is knowing that the hundreds of sub-moronic cretins who didn't get Fight Club as a whole, but liked the fightin' part, will now have to deal with the truth that the only book they ever read and liked was written by a "fag". If a WWF wrestler or Fred Durst were to come out in the next year, that would be icing on the whole homophobic cake.

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