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party review

-- Having a party at 4pm on a Sunday ROCKS. Everyone is pretty much there by dinner time, you share food, drink and gelato, and by 10:30 or 11, everyone is gone and you still have enough time left in the evening to watch Ringu.*

-- The weather was perfect- dry, temperate, and allowed us to both hot tub AND barbeque (no, not at the same time). The moment the last guest left at 10:30 or so, it started to rain, and then it rained ALL day Monday, setting even-for-Seattle-this-is-wet records. So we really lucked out rain wise.

-- Everyone we know apparently grocery shops at either Trader Joe's or PCC. However, we had wine left over that WASN'T "two-buck Chuck**", plus a nice port and bottle of champagne.

--I have now had a party that one of the guests brought an almost-three-year-old to. The kid was well behaved and his parents were attentive and all, so it was no big deal, except for the whole "oh-my-god-people-who-are-my-peers-have-children" realization. There is also that tiny bit of shame in knowing that there was nothing going on at the party that would have permanently freaked out a toddler, but I will attribute that to the early hour of the party and not some you-are-now-an-old-and-boring-homeowner problem attributable to me.

--There are way too many varieties of "Pocky".

*Didn't like it as much as The Ring, except the part when the girl came out of the TV set was a bit creepier than in the American version. Plus, the ex-husband in Ringu didn't resemble David Arquette, so that was a bonus.

**Trader Joe's house wine, "Charles Shaw", sells for $1.99 in CA (and OR, I think), thus the name. It's $2.99 here in WA, (How much is it in the rest of the country?)so I have no idea why we don't call it "3 buck Chuck", but there you go. And yes, it's actually okay wine- not great, but at least on par with a $4.99 or $5.99 bottle of cheap wine.

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