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adventures of my art car, chapter 25...

Friday I'm in a fast food place, scarfing down lunch since I had to use the rest of lunch hour to run errands. FFP employee notices the car, noticed who it belongs to. Aprroaches me, says, I like your car. I say thank you, smile. His next question perplexes me greatly.

"Was it expensive to have that done?"

I ask, do you mean, did I pay someone to do that, he nods yes, and me, being in a kinder than usual mood, reply that I did it all myself, and that I'm not sure if you even could hire an auto-detailing place to do that kind of work.

But I think this would be a funny thing to do: Go to an autodetailing place/paint shop with pics of famous artcars (Carthedral, Camera Van, etc), and ask, how much to get my car to look like this? especially if you have something like a Toyota Camry and not a hearse or a van.

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