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Prudish librarians in the news

thanks to all who expressed sympathy/hugs in the friends-only entry. I appreciate it, and maybe when I feel like it, I'll expound on the what and why.

As for other absurdities in life, today at work, there was a demonstrator outside the library, complete with block-lettered cardboard sandwich board. I can't remember the exact words, but his sign went something like:

TPL staff sexually repressed- please donate for psychotherapy. Call Susie Odencrantz at (number)

"Susie" is our library director, who actually goes by "Susan". The number was merely her office line, which is answered by a secretary.

As for the "sexually repressed" part, apparently this guy is someone we've kicked off the internet for blatantly viewing porn in the library. Rather than -him- being boorish and insensitive for subjecting other people to his adult entertainment, -we're- sexually repressed for having to point out the obvious "ya know, there's some things you just don't do in public" etiquette breach. Personally, I'd put viewing porn in a library up there with clipping your toenails or flossing your teeth in public; it's not what you're doing that's the problem, it's subjecting unwilling spectators to what should be a private experience that's the problem. I can't believe there are still people out there that don't get this. Perhaps Miss Manners needs to do a column adressing this.

The best part : he'd stationed himself on the public sidewalk, where the library has no jurisdiction and he can exercise his 1st amendment rights. Okay by me. So one of our library employees, who's a 60+ year old white-haired grandmother went out to talk to him on her break, and since she, too, was in a space where she could exercise her 1st amendment rights, told him he should get a job so he could buy his own porn at the adult video store instead of expecting the taxpayers to pay for his internet porn, and since he had no income, he wasn't a taxpayer anyway and was in no position to criticize the library, etc. So this dude attempts to beckon the LIBRARY'S security guard over to intervene on his behalf (remember, he's not on library property) because is actually AFRAID of her, and wants the cops called, because, while making her point, she TOUCHED HIS SIGN, which he took as a threat. Naturally, the guards laughed and said, you're on your own, buddy.

It reminded me (sort of) of an metaphorical adage shoutingboy once quoted about free (but unpopular) speech:

"Do not fling shit at people armed with guns"
and the corollary:
"Do not stand next to the guy flinging shit at people armed with guns".

While library employees are hardly armed, I find it funny that our protester thought he could fling shit at 60 people with no consequence, and then runs crying to one of them when shit is flung back at him by a white-haired grandmother.

and yes, I'm bringing my camera to work tomorrow in case he's out again.

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