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Wanna see a picture of my vortex?

Garage update:

Two sides finished. I mean totally finished: CDs applied, trim painted, and Twilight-Zoneish vortex designs painted on the garage door and the other door. Looks pretty great if I do say so myself. And since we've completed the sides that require both the sawing of CDs to fit angles and standing on a 16 foot ladder to affix said angular pieces, the hard parts are over. the two remaining sides have windows, but otherwise are straight rectangles and should go fairly quickly, assuming it doesn't rain a bunch when we're trying to work.

Because of the reflectiveness of the CDs, there's no easy way to photograph this damn thing and get accurate color, with or without a flash. I've taken pics in the early morning and at sunset and still can't get it close to right. Know that the red is your typical Chinese-restaurant-decor red, and the trim is a blue that's very close to that standard blue color a link is on a webpage, until you had to go and ruin it by clicking on it and making it purple....yeah, that blue.

What the garbage men see as they come down the alley:

The view from the back door of the house. The black splotchy thing at 10'oclock is actually the reflection of the branches of the tree above the hot tub. The rectangle is a towel bar (also for the hot tub), and the round thing on the door is a steering wheel left in the garage by the previous owners, which substitutes for a doorknob, as the door we installed (also left in the garage by the previous owners, which I assume was meant for the garage) has a deadbolt where the doorknob might be, but no doorknob.


I took this before we'd painted the vortex on the door. it comes close to showing the blue trim, and also looks kinda eerie:

bonus link: our garage next to the Garage Belonging to Belonging-to-Wilson ("The Wilson's" sign not visible, sorry:

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