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That'll learn me...

In the last few months at work, at least employees have had their cars broken into and stuff stolen (or their cars totally stolen). I said, "eh, that wouldn't happen if you had an artcar; it's too conspicious to rob."

It apparently is not.

I went away to the Long Beach Pennisula this weekend with Ivan. He drove from Seattle to Tacoma, met me at werk, and then we parked my car at a friend's house in Tacoma and drove out of town in Ivan's car. It seemed more logical than driving to Seattle to drop off my car and then driving back through Tacoma.

When we got back, I unlocked my car and noticed the glovebox open- and empty. Then I noticed a few things missing from inside the car. No windows were smashed, making me think, did I leave a door unlocked?

When Ivan and I went on our vacation two weeks ago, there was an evening we had to leave Sally (the dog) in the car overnight. She's usually okay with this, but I guess we slept in longer than she liked, and she chewed all the door locks and some of the punchards decorating the inside of the doors trying to escape (but luckily, she didn't pee in the car). I said, "oh well, since Sally chewed off all the flared "heads" of the locks, now it will be impossible for anyone to break into my car and lift the door locks with a coat hanger."

It apparently was not.

It was only after I drove away and felt the wind rushing in through the rolled up driver's window that I knew I hadn't left a door unlocked; there was a gap big enough to stick three of my fingers through between the window and the frame. Luckily, after I rolled it down and back up again, it seems to be fine and not needing repair.

And what treasures did the thieves get?

2 James Ellroy Books on tape ("L.A. Confidential" and "The Big Nowhere"), which will have no resale value to the thieves, as they say "Property of Seattle Public Library" all over them. Also, tape 5 of LA Confidential was in the player, so even if you could sell this item at the pawn shop, which you can't, your set is incomplete, you morons. One of these (Big Nowhere) was under the drivers seat, so they'd have had to dig around to find it to steal it.

1 homemade Tom Waits cassette, "Foreign Affairs" and "Bone Machine". Easily replaceable, but curious as it appears to be the ONLY music cassette stolen.

Entire contents of glove box, including car registration (title at home in file cabinet, thank god), proof of insurance, car owners manual, Triple A Maps, and all my service records since I bought the car new in 1998. Why someone would want documentation of every oil change I've had in 5 years, I dunno, but since I'm sure I paid for some of these with credit cards and there's probably receipts attached to some of them, I had to cancel all my credit cards today. And tomorrow I get to deal with the DMV to get a new registration (sure to be fun, with the waiting in line and all).

1 worn and torn in half map of Tacoma that I left on the seat in two pieces was also missing, presumably stolen with the rest of paperwork.

Objects in the car in plain view that weren't stolen:

*3 rosaries around visors
*Necklace of bone around rearview mirror
*Necklace of Human teeth around rearview mirror
*1 "ella fitzgerald sings Gershwin" non-homemade tape (which was right next to Tom Waits tape that was stolen)
*Assorted other homemade tapes in tape hatch including Built to spill, magnetic fields, The Shins, and Mr. Bungle
*Assorted other high school era non-homemade tapes in tape hatch, including the Cure, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode
*book on tape of "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer on back seat, which is just as worthless on the resale market as the Ellroy books; but why wouldn't you steal all 3 if you're gonna bother stealing any? Especially curious as I remember the second Ellroy being under the seat and this one being ON the seat.

The shitty, shitty part:

As a former A/V librarian, I know how much Unabridged Books on Tape in the Library Binder cost, as I used to order them for our branch. They usually start at $55, and go up to $120 depending on the length of the book/number of tapes. I now have 2 of these puppies checked out that I will be unable to return and thus, will be expected to pay for. I don't know if they'll charge me what THEY paid for them, or replacement cost, but it's $100 easy, and maybe as much as $250.


It'd be one thing if they'd stolen them to use them or sell them (like when someone steals your CDs from your car), but knowing they're gonna dump them in a trash bin when they see the "Seattle public library" stickers all over them, so I'm out $100, and they aren't up even $5.

Oh, and the contents of my car are covered under my insurance policy. Which has a $500 deductible. So unless I can convince the insurance company that Tom Waits and the torn-up maps are worth $250 each, I'm paying for these library audiobooks out of pocket.

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