Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

ixnay on the ookerhays

Ivan didn't go away after all. The reasons:

1)Ferry from Anacortes to Victoria leaves only twice a day at 8am and 2pm. Ivan was busy until 1pm on Wednesday and couldn't get to Anacortes for 2pm. I guess he could have left at the crack o' dawn today and caught the 8am and still had 36 hours in BC if he was so inclined, but it seemed not worth it.

2) Although many Washington State ferries cost $10-15 one way (with your car), the one to Victoria is $44.25. One Way! And that's in Real Money, not Canadian Dollars! $90 for 2 days was not in the budget picture, especially since we have a road trip next week as well and need gas money for it.

So we stayed home, ordered a pizza, and watched Red Dwarf episodes.

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