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Garage against the machine

For those not following the Garage Saga back in April, a quick recap: the garage needed many things to not look so much like a crackhouse, among them paint, or new siding, or....something. I had a contractor replace the garage door, 2 broken and boarded-up windows, and the non-garage door that lets a person (but not a car) enter the garage, which helped a lot.

We borrowed a pressure washer to remove the peeling paint. It removed much of it, but not enough, and the end result still looked like if we were to paint, we'd need to do massive sanding, and wouldn't it be easier to just replace the wood siding rather than go through all the trouble of sanding and painting old and crappy wood anyway? There was also the practical suburban option of vinyl siding or the like, but this seemed pricey for something functional but, lets face it, drab and utilitarian.

But sometimes, there's a Plan C if you just think outside the Home Depot box.

I'd like to wait til more of it's finished to post photos but I have an ulterior motive (which I'll mention in a minute) in jumping the gun.

Here's what we're doing instead of sanding, painting, or replacing the weathered wood:


We're sticking them on with silicone adhesive, same thing I used on my artcar. We've got one of the 4 sides either halfway or 2/3 of the way done. We have about 1000 Cds to glue on before we run out, but thanks to a little company in Vienna, VA, grabbing a hundred at a time hasn't been much of a problem thus far.

rimrunner mentioned having CDs to possibly give away. If anyone else in the Seattle area has a large quantity they want to get rid of (or if you're outside Seattle, but can con your company into paying for shipping), let me know. Data, audio, AOL- I don't care what the CD was originally, as long as it's round and generally shiny (scratches okay).

So far, the neighbors haven't said anything negative about the CDs, though I fear that on those rare days when the sun shines brightly in Seattle, the Belonging to Wilson will be blinded if they dare gaze at the majesty of our garage.

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