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Stuff I like: weekend edition

I liked "28 days later". You should see it. However, if you've seen it already, don't pay again for the "bonus ending", as it's rather silly. Like the ending on the "Clerks" DVD, it was interesting to see, but I'm glad the movie didn't actually end that way.

I liked the Futurama "opera" episode tonight. Is it my imagination, or is it getting to be as good as the Simpsons was at its peak?

I like my new not-so-sekrit home project. I'll have photos up soon. Let's just say I'm taking care of that whole rundown garage project, AND it should take less than 1045 hours (or 45 days) to complete.

I like it when it's 7:03 and the Husky Deli is supposed to close at 7pm, but they let you in anyway to serve you a cone of coconut ice cream.

I like having a hot tub available when it's rainy and for once, not in the 90's, temperature wise.

I like not going in to work until noon so I can stay up late reading and typing in my LJ.

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