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ironic nomenclature

There are two supermarkets in our neighborhood. The Safeway is a farther away, but has better prices and more "staples". The Thriftway is a more upscale market with all kinds of gourmet foods and fewer specials, but it's at least 20 blocks closer than the Safeway. Ivan summed it up, "The Safeway is thriftier, but the Thriftway is closer".

So Saturday night, we needed some dinner fixins. We decided to go to Safeway since we figured we'd be getting more than 10 items, thus justifying the trip out to the Safeway.

After spending our $50 on groceries for the next several days and returning to the parking lot, Ivan asked me if that dent had always been in my car. It had not, and in fact, had not been there when I last got into my car to drive home from work 3 hours before we went grocery shopping.

If indeed we could have prevented this by choosing to patronize the other grocery, we could then posit that while the Safeway is thriftier, the Thriftway may in fact be safer.

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