Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

6 flags over Mayhem

I don't usually remember my dreams, but I had TWO memorable nightmares in one sleep session the other night:

1) Me and a bunch of people I didn't know were being held hostage in some building on the grounds of an amusement park. I didn't dream the part about why we were in the building in the first place, or what the hostage taker's agenda was. The hostage taker was a rather dumb swarthy action-movie-villian type. One of the women faked terrible menstrual cramps, and the hostage taker, clearly not able to deal with the Mysteries of Womanhood, let her go. Naturally, all the other women in the group also claimed to be menstruating in sync with her and also cramping terribly, and were also let go by the hostage taker, leaving only the men.

I gained my freedom with this ruse as well, and as soon as I was on the right side of the SWAT team line, I ceased to think about the other (male) hostages, as they weren't anyone I knew and it seemed the situation would be resolved soon anyway. So rather than fleeing the park, I decided to ride a rollar coaster.

2) I'm boarding the rollar coaster with Ivan, who has materialized from somewhere, not having been part of the hostage drama. I feel odd riding the coaster after the hostage thing, but I really like roller coasters. Our coaster car lacks harnesses/belts/that bar that goes over your shoulders, which makes me suspicious, but I don't say anything to Ivan or the ride operator. As we go upside down in the first loop, I feel myself falling out of the coaster car. Luckily, I either wake up or "change the channel" before I can hit the ground.

I woke up shaken, and after Ivan comforted me, I asked him (I believe without telling him the reason I was asking) if he liked roller coasters. He said "Not particularly", so I guess I don't have to worry that I was having an eerie premonition of our carnival death.

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