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Garage Sailing

My garage sale went pretty well. I made over $120, got rid of at least 2 very bulky things (dinette table, chest style freezer), and got to see some friends who stopped by to say hi and see the purple floor. The only down side was that it was very hot and bright and I got a lobster-quality sunburn.

The real fun of having a gargae sale is hooking people up with stuff they are really happy to get. Examples of this include:

1) one of my viewmaster projectors, obtained by a shopper for a friend of his who is a collector of Viewmaster stuff.

2)Beverly Hills 90210 "twister" game, sold to same person to be given away to someone with TV/teen culture obsession.

3)Casio VL-tone (keyboard that's more primitive than an SK-1, but only slightly more musically advanced than, say, a calculator) that I've had since 6th grade, sold to retro-dressed chick that also had one as a child, but who had given it to her cousin in an act of adolescent altruism around junior high.

The other fun of garage sales is seeing what you put out that no one could possibly want and yet, someone does:

1)headless Barbie doll- $.25

2)chipped unpainted plastic frog left in garden by prior owner- $.25

3) black fake fur coat- $1. This was actually a pretty nice coat- I was only surprised that it sold because it was 90+ degree sunburnin' weather, and just trying on the coat seemed like it would have been torturous.

4) "sculpture", also left in garden by prior owner, made from welded garden trowels, hex nuts, and garden shears to resemble a pair of crows, but then painted lilac and teal: $.50

stuff I'm surprised no one wanted:

1) a dartboard

2) either of the old-school camping tents, which I'd pitched to show all the poles and stakes were included

3) the other 3 pairs of Converse High tops in pink, purple, and blue (only one pair sold- it was another shade of blue).

Ironically, since I had a contractor come in to do some of the work on my garage that the insurance company had a hissy about, this truly was a garage sale, as that's what all the money will go towards paying for.

Next immediate house project is the totally unthrilling power washing and painting of the garage.

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