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more Martha-esque goodness

We're driving home on Sunday from an ice cream break, and Ivan says, "Honey! Look in that alley!" After a shared moment of "Homer, put this in your house yard", we decided to haul this monster down the alley (it was about 4 houses away) and make it a planter:

yes, our neighbor threw away a sailboat (the hat on top may provide some sense of scale). It's got damage (the boat, I mean, not the hat), so I can see why it wasn't worth restoring, but it will look awesome once we paint it, bury part of it in the yard and plant some perennials in it.

I imagine that, in the eyes of the Belonging to Wilson, this new addition to the yard negates the goodwill of our buying (and using) a lawnmower last week. heh.

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