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A tale of two mothers

So we survived the back-to-back "Meet your future mother in law" visits.

Ivan's mom came for a little less than a week, and stayed with us. I liked her even more than I thought I would. Any mom that has a tattoo of a bat on the back of her neck is probably gonna be okay by me. And she liked me too, so, yay.

She left on Friday morning, giving us all day Saturday to rent a floor sander (or "floor Zamboni", as I like to call it) and do more home improvement. We won't have a chance to stain and polyurethane the floors for another two weeks, but we were quite happy to be rid of the carpet and (most of) the gray and brown paint.

Sunday afternoon my mother and stepfather arrived, having spent thursday thru saturday at a conference in Portland. They did not stay with us because they smoke heavily, and we all thought they'd be happier in a hotel where they could puff away. They liked Ivan and mom only did a little bit of wedding nagging along the lines of "Aren't you going to wear a wedding dress? maybe a vintage one?" and "Can I send out announcements to my friends? You'll get presents that way, you know".

Both moms managed to tell a few embarassing "thing you did when you were very young and I'll bet you don't even remember...well, I guess you remember every time I tell this story in front of the person you're dating" stories. Nothing too traumatic, though.

Having both moms in town was a bit exhausting, and I wish I could say we get to relax now. But this weekend is the Fremont Fair/Art Car Blowout, and not only will we be busy participating, as Seattle artcar folks, we're housing an out-of-towner (that we've never met)who is traveliing to the event.

Those of you who know my sense of humor and running jokes will be highly amused to know that our out of town guest is from.....


I guess it's a good thing we didn't have the exterminator spray for Canadians.

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