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interview meme, part 2:

questions via jtemperance :

1. Are you satisfied/happy being a librarian? Do you think about switching careers?

For the most part, I really like it. I'm not so crazy about certain aspects of my current position, but the solution to that is to switch employers, not careers. I've thought about what I might do career wise if the economy got so lousy that there wasn't enough tax money to keep the library staffed with the likes of me, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. If that was the case, I'd seriously think about becoming a tattoo artist (first step would be to apprentice), or perhaps something in the mechanical/construction trades.

2. How wide is the spectrum of people you feel you get along with?

Not sure exactly how to interpret this question: Do you mean spectrum of ages, interests, temperaments, or something else? The answer for ages and interests is "wide", for temperaments, probably "narrow". I don't have "buddies" that I drink beer with but otherwise can't communicate deeply with- I have "friends", and "people I know". I can get along with "people I know" (I'm thinking coworkers especially here) on a superficial level, but it's not like we talk about anything important, ever.

3. Has it been easy to make friends in Tacoma?
Yes and no. It's easy to meet peers, as "the scene" is small and there are really only like 2 or 3 hip places to go. But as far as finding people who I really connect with, I've done far better in Seattle.

4. What's the least favorite place you have lived?

Tacoma, definitely. Part of it may be the segments of society I interact with at my job (having drunks enter my workplace at 9:10am doesn't help my impression much, nor does the steady supply of discarded condoms and needles along the street where I park), but there's something kind of desperate about Tacomans. No one (except me, I guess) seems to move TO here- people move BACK here after trying their luck somewhere else and having it not work out. Even though my commute kinda sucks right now, I am so much happier living in Seattle.

5. What are you most proud of?

That I turned out okay. I finished school, lived in interesting places, got employed, got out of debt, made art, fell in love, made friends, bought a house- I haven't accomplished anything particularly grand, but on the whole, I like that the person I became is someone I can be proud of. My mom used to say "You have to love your kids, but you don't have to LIKE them. But I do like you." I think that's a pretty great accomplishment right there.

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