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interview meme:

questions from kittokat (still working on yours, jtemperance ):

1) Have you told your mother yet that you are engaged and if not why haven't you? </b>

I told her on the phone about 2 weeks ago. I'd have told her before, but she was about to go on vacation and I didn't want to agitate her before her trip. She took the news well..she's happy, if a bit surprised.

2) Have the parents met Ivan?

Not yet, although they will this weekend. They'll be in Portland for a conference and are driving up Sunday to visit for two days. I'm sure it will go fine.

3) Have the parents met the tatoos?
Nope. Although since it's been 9.5 years, I guess it's close enough to the 10 year mark that I can divulge them now. I'd always planned on waiting 10 years so that mom couldn't say "well, you'll regret that one day". I figure after 10 years, my regret likelihood is slim.

4) Which is worse....parents meeting Ivan or the tatoos?

Tattoos. It's a lot cheaper and easier to remove a husband from your life than a tattoo if it doesn't work out or you grow tired of having it around. :-) Which is why I've been silent about them for so long; I'm anticipating mom's instant disapproval of ANY tattoo, whereas I'd think she'd like almost anyone I'd want to marry.

5) You KNOW mom is gonna want a HOMEtown wedding and/or reception. Will you cave in?

I don't think so. One, it's not just me who'd have to cave- Ivan would have to as well. Ivan agreed to consider having a reception or some "part 2" event in BR if I felt strongly about it, but honestly, other than you, I can think of maybe 2 people that still live in BR (other than family or Mom's friends) that would care to come to my wedding if it were held in BR. It's hard to think of BR as "home" when I haven't lived there in 9 years. Plus, I can't have a freaky artcar/solstice parade wedding there, at least, not without considerable effort and expense.

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