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in which I paint the basement bordello style.

Decorating challenge #2: Basement that is painted not unlike the flag of Italy:


yes, painted right down the middle. apparently he had a divider up.

You'll see that there's no easy way around this one. You gotta paint the whole thing, as that green is awful and that red is too orangey. We primed the whole thing white first so neither color would bleed through. The thing out of frame to the right in the above pic is a fireplace.

These pics aren't great: the room's so damn big its hard to photograph well, and the light is tricky. Plus I'm still unpacking/arranging in there. But here's the idea:



I had hoped for a more gold and less yellow trim color, but it looks okay for now. I was trying for a kind of victorian bordello look. It looks best under low light, but I photographed it with the evil bare lightbulbs in the ceiling on so you can see the black and red sponge-painting

Observant viewers will note that the ceiling is painted the same color ("walnut") as the trim in the yellow and orange room.

These two rooms took us about 4 weeks to complete from start to end. I guess the bedroom or kitchen is next after the floors are done......

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