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How I'm spending my summer vacation:

Shockie says, "This floor has more different colors than I do!"


It's the old "Save on paint by only painting up to where the rug goes" trick:


We haven't sanded and polyurethained the floor yet. maybe this weekend.

This is the front room before. They had the right idea-- paint it bright and sunny. But they sponge painted a grey over the yellow, making the tone kinda dull, especially when the sun isn't out:


Here's the front door, before.:


Ivan says, "If you're going to use bright colors, don't be a pussy: use BRIGHT colors:"


Three walls are yellow, one is orange. This room is Ivan's color scheme: I wouldn't have chosen it myself, but I do like it now that it's done.

Coming up soon: the basement, before and after.

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