Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

more homo* adventures..

Ivan ripped up the carpet in the front room on Thursday. He's spending today using a tack remover to pry up all the staples.
The wood looks good--what we can see of it under the battleship gray color that some previous moron decided to paint the wood floor with. Another moron that owned my house between 1926 and 2003 decided the solution to the floor color question was to slap down a rug and paint a brown border around the rug from the walls to the edge of the rug. This means the floor is battleship gray in the center and brown on the edges. Can't wait to sand all this crap away.

The previous owner's solution to the floor question was to put in carpet. in April. 2003. Which we are now ripping up about 8 weeks later.

So it goes.


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