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hot in herre

it's in the 90's today here in seattle. This is uncommon and people on the local news are commenting about how hot it is. As a former southerner, I almost wish that instead of being home on my day off assembling record shelves, I was somewhere outside where I could have a bit of schadenfreude. Okay you wimpy Puget Sounders, spend 24 consecutive Augusts in Louisiana, where the humid summer is like 3 endless months of being humped daily by a wet, clingy Labrador Retriever the moment you walk out your door, and THEN you can earn the right to judge when it's "hot".

That said, if it's this hot up here, my sympathy to anyone in Chicago. Texas, or south of the Mason Dixon Line, where it's probably 95 and then some. Remember; coconut popsicles are your friends! Yummmm..

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