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Summertime... and the painting is sloppy.

Ugh. What an exhausting week. The Memorial Day holiday only meant more time taken up with house stuff, including another lawn mowing. We’re almost done painting - one room is done except for the door, so that room now has furniture actually arranged in it. The other room still needs the trim painted, and we’ve arranged some furniture in there- at least I can now watch Jon Stewart from the comfort of my infamous orange couch.

AND we also had to paint Ivan’s apartment, including the ceilings, since he’s agreed to set it back to white when he moved out. For a studio apartment in Capitol Hill, it took a lot more time to finish the job than I’d thought when we started. But now it’s nice and boring for the next tenant, who moves in Sunday.

The last month has been pretty overwhelming. I still haven’t unpacked 60% of my stuff, and I’m beginning to have weird zen-master thoughts of “well, if you don’t need it in a typical 30 days, why are you keeping it in your life?” I haven’t done a Fight Club thing and burned all my stuff or anything, but I’m getting less attached to many of the things I’ve had for decades. I’ve started to make a garage sale pile to get rid of stuff, and it’s a lot easier to say “I don’t really wear my Converse Hi-tops* anymore” than I thought it’d be, and then suddenly, 4 pairs are in the sale box and I’m not looking back.

The merging of households continues. Ivan moves the last bunch of his stuff in on Saturday.. The sudden domesticity brings a bunch of angst that we’ll hopefully weather okay. Although we’ve been out to see summer movies (X-men 2 and Tron: Reloaded), seen friends, and even went away to Port Townsend for a weekend, sometimes it feels like life is only painting, mowing, and looking at Belonging to Wilson out in the backyard. Social things are planned for this weekend, so hopefully the balance will be restored soon.

*I am keeping the 3 pairs of low tops, though.

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