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The shame!

It's bad enough I got a computer virus (that emailed everyone in my address book) even though I A)don't open unexpected attachments B) don't use Outlook. What's worse is that it spoofed a file it picked off my desktop that is an Excel spreadsheet from 1998 from my days doing record label stuff.

The shame aspect is that if you are unaware of Chicago indie Carrot top Records and got a file from me called "carrottop.xls", I am now linked in your mind with an unfunny comedian and/or collect phone calls, and you are probably wondering just what the hell I might be documenting in an Excel file that has to do with said red-headed monstrosity.

good thing I've never named a file "JewsIWouldDo.xls" or "BodyCount1990thru2000.xls".

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