Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

I am a boring ol' homeowner

My weekend thus far:

1) I called the locksmith to install/change deadbolts.
2) I spent over $200 on paint, painting supplies, and a garden hose at Lowe's.
3) On my day off, which was also the boyfriend's* day off, we spent all day...painting. A month ago, I don't think "paint" is the verb I would have predicted to follow the concepts of "boyfriend" and "concurrent day off".
4) Turned down Friday night invite of liquor and screening of The Wicker Man for an evening of pots of coffee and painting the ceiling**.

Tonight is Xmen2 at the Cinerama, so at least I'm doing something social and recreational that doesn't involve home improvement. But tomorrow is more painting. Whee!

*"Fiance" still sounds too unreal, so it's boyfriend for now. Or until he moves in.

**Not the euphemism for something adolescent males attempt alone in their bedrooms with a National Geographic or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

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