Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

why I love boyfriends who cook

Came home from werk last night to have a meal waiting for me, courtesy of Teh Best BoyFreind in the Worl!! The theme: White.

the foods:

sweet corn on the cob with butter
broiled cauliflower with:
that middle eatern yogurt and cucumber sauce whose name I can't spell but tzatziki is close
white wine
Horchota (Mexican rice drink)

the latter was made even more delicious by saying in a Homer Simpson voice.. "mmm..Whore cola*"

*Horchata is closer to a milkshake than it is to a cola, true. But "whore milkshake" doesn't have the same ring that "whore cola" or even "whore soda" does.

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