Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

surprise, surprise

Looks like I won't be closing on the house on Friday. Maybe Monday. Hopefully Monday, as the movers are coming Tuesday. The good news is that means more time to pack, as I'm now only up to box 48.

To make life more "interesting", I have to bring the escrow company a check and sign all the papers ASAP. Since they're in Seattle and I'm in Tacoma, I can't exctly zip away on my lunch hour. Which means I get to go there for...7:30am Friday.


Fun moving fact: packing peanuts are economical cat toys- lightweight, fun to bat around the hardwood floors. And they feel really disgusting when you step on them after the cat has chewed and drooled all over one!

I think my next cat will be named "Hey, don't eat that!".

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