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In which I have something in common with Saddam Hussein...

I had a little (minor) health problem I had to see the doctor for. Given my work schedule, I decided to go to the "Urgent care" clinic of my doctor so I could go in the evening without having to take off work.

Aside from the fact I was stuck there from 8pm to 11pm (meaning I missed the Daily Show and will have to tape the rerun at 1am), it seems like most of the 20 other folks waiting to see the doctor were mothers with small, noisy, hyperactive young children. One of the moms chastized her kid "Now, tell the lady 'excuse me'!" after the kid ran up to my chair and clumsily bumped up against my legs while trying to pick up all the magazines on the side table. Okay, that's valid-- the kid didn't apologize or anything, of course, but at least she's getting the verbal reinforcement  of "this is how we should behave in public".

One mom that couldn't control her moppet was also visibly pregnant. I keep thinking of Seymour in the movie Ghost World: "Ah, geez, have some more kids, why don't you?!"

Then there was the kid putting Pente stones in his mouth, and his mom didn't seem to know where they'd come from, or be able to get the kid to stop sucking on them, nor be thinking "choking hazard!". But then, this mom also had a tattoo of BabyDaddy's name on her neck near the jawline, so I'm guessing she may lack certain critical thinking/reasoning skills. Of course, BabyDaddy was nowhere to be seen. Choking Hazard kid threw a tantrum after mom failed to get him to relinquish the stones. A loud, its-late-at-night-and-I-don't-want-to-be-here tantrum.

Now, I don't really have a lot to say about global politics. I've barely followed "Operation Iraqi Freedom", but I've picked up snippets from The Daily Show and LJ. and I have to say: I don't condone the idea of imprisioning children for 3-5 years.

But sometimes, I certainly can understand the appeal of the idea.

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