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Damn it got cold all of a sudden!

Must officially be fall; last weekend it was sweltering hot; now I have two comforters on the bed and haven't turned the AC on for days. I kinda expected it would be more gradual; like the days would get cool, and the nights ever cooler, but it's more like the days are just merely not sweltering and the nights are chilly. And it's getting darker early but, it was still pretty light out yesterday at 7pm, so I didn't do the candle thing; no one would have been able to see it.

boy, the nation sure went from grief to bloodthirst in a hurry. this "bomb Afganistan into the stone age" shit is really depressing me. Surely there's a more direct way to get a hold of this dude than to drop bombs on the rubble that used to be the cities that he may be hiding near?

Not like the level of outrage is the same, but holding Afgan civilians responsible for bin Laden is sorta like wanting to drop missiles on Los Angeles if OJ was still at large after the infamous low-speed bronco chase.

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