Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Scenes from In-joke theatre:

lara7 all aboard the cock boat
shoutingboy ...I thought he said "cake"!
lara7 : set sail for democracy
shoutingboy : Tom Brokaw's hanging out in Saddam's palace.
shoutingboy : Turns out he has a lot of nice stuff.
shoutingboy : Uday has a nice booze collection.
shoutingboy : And I thought he was a good Muslim!
lara7 : Uday? that one of the sons?
shoutingboy : They even put "God is great" on the flag!
shoutingboy : Uday's the older, crazy one.
lara7 : allah akbar and jeff
shoutingboy : Ooh, you're getting fatwad for that one!
lara7 : Joey Fatwad? avphibes will be jealous
shoutingboy : (erm, "fatwa'd" is probably less dangerously ambiguous...)

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