Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

anonymous car notes

Got two notes on my artcar at work yesterday, presumably from teenagers, based on the handwriting:

1) Hey man! (sic) awesome car. you should think about meeting up w/the other artcar owners and asking if you can drive them (sic) in the Memorial Day Parade. (either he/she means the 4th of July parade next week, or I should be planning 11 months ahead for Memorial Day 2002).

PS Nice Barbie :) ! (refers to a headless barbie on the dashboard given to me by fellow cartist Greg, who has a couple dozen glued onto his hood)

2) What's with the Barbie? (either the headlessness is an issue, or this writer also thinks I'm a guy)

Have you ever thought about putting your car in a parade? (why, yes I have. and I've even done it.)

I've recently put a FAQ in the window, along with email address, but haven't gotten any mail from it yet. these are the first notes I've had in several months, though.

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