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Spirit versus letter of the law- lessons from the home inspection

The house I'm trying to buy was a rental for a short time. Seattle law apparently requires Landlords to install deadbolts in doors of rentals, for tenant safety or some such thing.

From the home inspection yesterday, we found that the front door deadbolt doesn't "catch" properly and cannot be locked. Maybe someone did the install themselves and got it misaligned a hair, making it ineffective? Well, it happens. I'll ask them to fix it before I move in.

But one gets suspicious of the former landlord's ethics when you see the back door deadbolt, where they installed the deadbolt lock, all right, but not the "hole" that the bolt would lock into. Turning the deadbolt produces a "thunk" sound of bolt against undrilled beam, as the bolt futilely tries to achieve union with the door frame, denying the Tantric oneness of energies and shared goal of Home Security. But hey, they're complying with the law, right?

Penny-pinching scofflaws. Bah.

edit: apparently single family houses are exempt:

SMC 22.206.140 Requirements.

A. The following requirements shall apply to housing units and buildings which contain housing units, except detached single- family dwellings, to provide a reasonable security....

which still makes you wonder why they bothered to do it in such a half-ass way...

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