Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

In which I'm not the journal verite type...

I have a confession to make.

At the time I wrote about the second offer (the one about TEH BOYFREIND), I was trying to write it based on what I knew to be true at the time all that stuff happened, and not what I knew to be true at the time I actually was typing.

So yeah, all the mushy stuff happened right after I'd made an offer on house #1, which was rejected.

By the time I actually wrote about it, I'd made an offer on house #2.

Which was accepted. But I didn't know any of that at the time of the events described.

So, the house. I've been so excited that I've kinda wanted to throw up. I had the inspection today- no red flags, but a few things here and there that need to be addressed. Now I'm in the process of finalizing the mortgage terms, arranging for homeowners insurance, and trying to think what paint color would look better than the pink-ish cocoa in the master bedroom (answer: just about any thing else). And making plans for all the parties I can have that will be improved by the fact that there's a Hot Tub in the backyard.

More details later, esp as I get closer to the closing date. As I am now getting sleepy and there is a handsome, thoughtful (surprised me with champagne yesterday in celebration of the house news) man asleep in my bed, I think I'll go join him rather than hang out here at my keyboard. I'm sure ya'll understand.

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