Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Okay, the house quirks:

Since the_autoclave wanted to know:

1)The house has, in the unfinished basement, a pool table that would be a bitch to move. So you get a pool table with this house, even though there's not enough room to shoot with a standard cue given the dimensions of the room it's in. If you like pool, it is likely to annoy you that you can't really play in this room without using a short cue, or not attempting 60% of all possible shots.

2) In the backyard is a bank teller booth, complete with bulletproof glass, diebold drawer, electrical and phone connections, and baseboard heaters (none of these are connected, of course. the owners before the current sellers worked in the banking industry and used a crane to put it in the backyard. As it would be an "eyesore" to most people and would require considerable expense to remove (unless you own a crane), this should be considered a negative for most buyers. The current sellers are storing potting soil and gardening supplies in it.

3) there's a koi pond full of algae that is raised enough that it could only be removed/filled in with considerable effort. I think it would look nice if fixed up, but other buyers may be over the whole koi pond thing.

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