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BrIdes of March, Act 2: In which this Cloud Room ain't big enough for all of us!

After we parted company with some of our BrIdes, it was time to go to the Cloud Room, which is a sedate piano bar on top of the Camlin hotel. Because our Special Day had made us giddy, and we were expecting more guests, we took our party outside to the balcony. And then, poof! two late arriving BrIdes appeared. Soon after, we were met by the Guerrilla Masquerade Party, who were doing a roving Saint Patrick's day Drag Rampage.

The GMP had contacted our BrIdal ringmaster to suggest this rendezvous point. If the sight of 8 BrIdes (especially the hairy burly male ones) in a yuppie piano bar was alarming to the regulars there, imagine the consternation when these guys showed up:

And we'd also gotten word that the  Limosine Racers were coming, and that they were on a scavenger hunt for BrIdes.

The Limosine Races is a grand scavenger hunt done by costumed teams in chauffered limosines. As you imagine, this allows plenty of drinking by the Limo Racers, and therefore, lowered inhibitions to complete such tasks as "take a photo of the team mooning, taken by someone not on limo races."
The astonishing thing was that whoever masterminded the Limo Races had several BrIdes specific quests, such as  "Get a photo of a team member getting a piggyback ride from a bride in a wedding dress" and "Get a photo of three brides kissing a team member" You might notice in the piggyback photo a man wearing a wedding dress and a  Team Banzai headband: that was to achieve "Swap clothes with a stranger (+1 if it's a bride)."

Our ringmaster's faux-indignance that he was not among the participants in the Limo Races was soon soothed by the realization that he'd gotten the word out well enough about our Nuptual Plans that BrIdes were items on the scavenger hunt. And as it turns out, our minister, Reverend Brian, was involved with the Limo Races, which explains how Team Banzai and Team Fuzzy Pimp Logic knew that we might be found at the Cloud Room.

With the convergence of the GMP and the BrIdes and the Limo Racers, we were soon too much for the staid Cloud Room. The BrIdes followed the Racers out to their Limos, where we observed shocking behavior from a so-called Bride of Christ and, called again to service in the name of limo races, gave a hickey to a team member. Luckily, when we boarded our patient husband to take us to the EMP, he wasn't upset or jealous of our girlish shenanigans. But yet again, the ride was over too soon. Sigh.

The BrIdes went to the Liquid Lounge at EMP, where we danced to disco with the GMP'ers and a few Limo Racers. The thrill of our big day had worn us down, and walking to the car and cramming 6 BrIdes in a Honda only wore us down further.

Planning to rendezvous at the Limo Races after-party with 2 of our BrIdes, we got another surprise on our magical evening. We saw this bride and a videographer alone on Capital Hill. No, she wasn't one of ours; she was doing some kind of video art project for college. I don't know who was more shocked; us at finding a renegade Bride on our Special Day, or her, seeing an Art Car pull over suddenly and have 4 BrIdes (2 male) jump out and yell, "Yo, BrIde! Come with us!". I'm guessing her. She could not, or would not, come to the Limo party, so we went without her, where BrIde lara7 quickly lost her second wind.

I think this image sums up the matrimonial experience nicely:

Here's our ringmaster, BrIde Ivan, in his once pristine dress, now trailing a torn petticoat an additional 2-4 feet behind the previous train of the dress. It had begun to rain, thus all the drops on the lens are distorting the image a bit. But that gray color of the bottom 1/4 of the dress is no optical trick or shadow- the dress really was THAT dirty after 10 hours of matrimonial hijinks. And yet, note the beautific smile on the BrIde's face. Neither rain, nor silent groom, nor rude bartender, nor a disheveled dress can interfere with the Happiest Day of a Woman's Life.

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