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Remember, you saw it here first. (unless you first saw it somewhere else.)

So, it looks like I'm going to be AFK for the entire weekend due to hanging in Seattle and staying with someone who, ironically, is currently offline despite having been a multimedia/web designer. It's Ironic, like rain on your wedding day. So I get a 30+ hour vacation from LJ, whether I want one or not. This has happened before without preplanning, but late Thursday, I'm fairly sure I won't be back til late Sunday afternoon. which means I have to write up weekend alerts now.

So it is imperative that now I tell those of you reading this who live in the SeaTac area that if you happen to find yourself around the Seattle Center on Saturday starting at 4pm and lasting til who knows when, there might be somethin' to see. There might be media, and quasi government officials standing by, who may wonder by the end of the night how they got talked into showing up in the first place. Unlike Santacon, I think this spectacle is a little less expected, more confusing to tourists, and generally a bit less crazy than Santa. So if youre in the hood, drop by. And beware the Ides of March.

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