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There IS something I should know!

Gal-pal Rhonda and I went to dinner tonight, and on the way back, as my 50-cent copy of Duran Duran's "Decade" played in the tape deck, she said: "Oh, wait, here comes the worst D2 lyric of all times."

Now, the one she cited is pretty bad, but there's one I think is possibly worse. LJ readers, settle this friendly dispute.

Poll #112636 Please note it is a hollow victory to say "all of them".

Which is the silliest/worst Duran Duran lyric:

"Don't say you're easy on me/you're about as easy as a nuclear war" (Is There Something I Should Know?)
"Some people call it a one night stand/But we can call it paradise" (Save a Prayer)
I have a write in vote:

Here is my write in vote since I selected option 3:


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