Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Fred Rogers and his impact on gorilla pop culture

from a list I'm on, where I am quite behind in digests and thus posting this weeks late:

There was one bit in the Washington Post appreciation though that I thought I'd share with you, cause I thought it was pretty neat ......

"Perhaps no story speaks more about the depths of Mister Rogers' appeal, about his pervasive grace, than one he recounted in an Esquire magazine profile a few years ago. It seems that Fred Rogers wanted to meet Koko, the gorilla who was taught to communicate using American Sign Language. Koko had watched Mister Rogers on television. When they first encountered each other, the 280-pound gorilla instantly enfolded Fred Rogers, all 143 pounds of him, in a massive embrace.

And then? And then Koko took off Mister Rogers's shoes."

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