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new meme?

since LJ no longer mails you birthday reminders, you can use this to see the birthdays of everyone on your friends list:

I totally stole the following idea from holyoutlaw :

What if the people on your friends list that share birthdays started reading each others LJs, just based on that similarity?

If any of you wanna give it a try, here's the introductions:

kamakhai , meet the_autoclave (January 6)

nonofastbinder , meet caffree (February 15)

The three-fer:
fidelity_astro , meet rwx , meet milkyscarabs (February 21)

kittokat , meet rjray (March 3)

rdiamond , meet tyrsalvia (April 17), and you both live in the same area.

zoomardav , meet jathomas (June 26) (actually, one of you appears to reads the other, but not vice versa)

holyoutlaw , meet therobbergirl (June 30)

spoonfeeding , already knows jtemperance (September 25) (already on each other's friends lists!)

Next I will match people on my friends lists based on underwear preferences.

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