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WTC, what else?

So here's how it played out for me:

I worked 1pm-9pm today. Woke up around noon, at 12:30pm, I jumped online to grab my email. My AIM automatically starts up when I log on, so before my mail was downloaded or my browser was up, tinymammoth had IM'ed me. She was pretty shaken up, and naturally I had no clue what she was talking about. by the time I got to work, I'd had some time to think about it, though I didn't think to listen to the radio on the way over.

Work was surreal. having a T-1 connection meant that updates were frequent, and we were able to read emails, LJ posts, and listserv posts from those affected and knew that they were okay. We have a TV at work, so it was on the local news channel all day, and we'd pop in the back to watch the story unfold. that was when I saw my first video of the second plane, where it hits the back of the tower, so you see the aftermath, but not the impact.

Work was dead, but we remained open regular hours, which I think is good; in non-traumatized areas, I think as much normalcy as possible keeps us sane. went to the gym, was too distracted by the TV news to work out for more than 30 mins. had to get gas (not hoarding, just down to fumes) and there were 12 cars in front of me. Have heard reports of price gouging but have not seen it here.

The things that made it REALLY hit;
1) Phibes' before and after skyline pics .

2) CNN aired new video footage around midnight EST, showing the second plane, shot from Battery Park, that shows the plane plowing through at a 45 degree angle that's way more horrific than the first footage I saw. What made this one so awful was they had the sound on, and you could hear the screams of the people on ground as they saw the impact. I remember seeing the challenger explosion footage live, and don't remember hearing screams or "oh the humanity" type commentary. The screams of those watching it live are what make it real; even knowing that thousands are dead doesn't really hit until you see their names or see their photos, or til someone you know loses a friend or relative.

oddly enough, in some of the CNN footage, they didn't bleep out the "holy shit" comments, and they are clearly audible. Their web video feeds are censored, or totally without audio.

amateur pentagon photos, taken by someone driving by as it happened:

I think the only sane responce to this is to drink red wine, wait for Lemur to call after work, and watch Repo Man. Then the world will make sense again.

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