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the store brand- how far will you go?

I, as a thrifty gal, buy a lot of store brands. Safeway cat litter? Fine. Fred Meyer frozen pizza? No problem. Kroger Coffee? Bring it on! My feeling is, anything the store can knock off is probably okay, as they would not stake their reputation on a substandard product that would make people lose confidence in them as a dependable marketplace.

Some of the store brands I've bought in the last few years:

light bulbs, cat food, cat litter, coffee, tampons and pads, milk, eggs, frozen foods, cereals (esp. grape nuts and shredded wheat clones) soups, rice, pasta, bread.

the only knock-off I will not buy is cola, as I have very specific tastes for Diet Dr. Pepper and Coke Classic. I won't drink Pepsi, diet Pepsi, or Diet Coke, much less "Dr. Safeway" or whatever they call their cola clone.

Before I continue, I want you to ask yourself this question:

Is there a product that I have enough brand loyalty to that I would never purchase a knock-off brand?
Is there a product that I depend on so much that I would not trust a generic/store brand over a recognized name brand?

think about that before you

So I was in the Safeway tonight, and while they have still not produced a store brand hummus, they have managed to knock off something I never expected:


It's a KY clone, I guess, and was merchandised with the condoms and the Astroglide (the only name brand they had besides KY).

I had to buy it just because the concept was so odd.I don't know that I'll actually use it, but I've been pleased with their grape nuts and soup clones, so why should a personal lubricant be subject to less quality control than something you eat?

I also kinda like the idea that enough people buy lube at safeway that it makes it worthwhile for them to develop a knockoff to compete with KY and Astroglide.

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