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The ambassador has too much cash

A few weeks ago at the library we got a package and form letter from Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, former US Ambassador to Switzerland (81-88) :

Dear Librarian:

..We are pleased to donate the following English-language volume, entitled Credit Suisse Group Banks in the Second World War which is an abstract of a major research study published in 2001 in German --Zwischen Bundeshaus und Paradeplatz. Die Banken der Credit Suisse Group im Zweiten Weltkrieg.

The intention of the study...was to provide a description of the relationship between the Swiss federal state and its official apparatus on the one hand and the Swiss business sector on the other during WWII and to place this relationship in the context of crisis and war....

We trust this volume might add to the database of information you already have on Switzerland and World War II for those interested in research.

We are a medium sized public library. It is doubtful that, if one of our patrons was actually researching the role of the Swiss banking industry in financing WWII, that they would want an abstract of a translation of a German study. I chuckled about the deep pockets of the Swiss embassy and their cluelessness about the difference between public and university/research libraries.

This was a few weeks ago.

Today, we got ANOTHER identical copy of this unwanted book in the mail from the Swiss. Obviously, the Swiss came out of WWII with lots of spare cash with which to harass libraries in blue-collar towns in the Pacific Northwest with no discernable Swiss population.

It's like the library book equivalent of "1000 free hours!" AOL CDs. Except with linen-textured letterhead instead of a clunky altoids-ish tin.

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