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In which I finally write a bio of sorts

In the last few months, my friends list has grown a bit.. Why ever you added me, thank you. Maybe introductions are in order:

I'm lara7. For the last year, I've lived in Tacoma, not too far from Seattle, a place with the ridiculously optimistic nickname "The City of Destiny", or, the "City of Density", as I like to call it. Sometimes I like it here, but most of the times I feel out of place and wonder whether to stick around or move on. In the last 10 years, I've moved from Baton Rouge, LA (hometown) to San Francisco, to Columbus OH (long story) to here. You wouldn't peg me for someone that moves cross-country every 3-4 years because I have an obscene amount of stuff, chiefly 30+ linear feet of (mostly thrifted) LPs, but also way too many books.

I've been a librarian since 1994. I tell stories about the unbelievable stuff that happens at work in friends-only posts, as I fear that the plate-of-shrimp-ness of the universe will bite me in the ass should a public post be read by someone I didn't know was reading it, like my boss, or one of the many "colorful" library characters that make the best story fodder. Other friends-only post chiefly concern my wacky love-life. Right now, my current status is "sorta involved with someone, but sorta not". The particulars of that are way too long to get into here.

Other things about me: I drive an art car that I made in September 2000, which I've taken on many road trips, but not to Burning Man, which I remain a holdout as far as attending.  The 3 famous men I desire most (at press time) are Jon Stewart, Stephin Merritt* of the Magnetic fields, and Cory McAbee of the Billy Nayer Show. The food smells I most despise are bananas, and bubble gum. The movies I've seen the most times (because I have to spread the word to other people) are The Forbbiden Zone and Down by Law. The two things I wish I knew how to do, but still do not, are touch typing, and driving a manual transmission.

Here's something I stole from orobouros if there's something pressing I haven't covered here:

Poll #100732 Ask me anything.

Ask me anything. In most cases, I'll answer.

Anyway, welcome aboard.

* yes, I know he's gay. And Jon Stewart is married. It's just a crush, dammit.

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