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LJ post of the year, 2003

I know there's no such contest, and if there was, I'd have no pull in nomination or judging, and its pretty presumptious to make "best of the year" statements in february. BUT-

IHOP starts you out with five cakes, then they bring you three at a time until you die.

tell me you disagree with me. Go ahead. Find a better post. The photo alone is tough competition. You have 10 and a half months, so cet to it.

This one couldn't win against the pancakes, but is also pretty damn good:

We decided a good first date would be to have a nice dinner and then go to Reno and get married, cancel it in the morning and then drive home. Part of me really just wanted to see if he'd go through with it, the other part of me just drinks a lot and enjoys conjuring up new ways to entertain myself.

Spoonfeeding's Take it, you filthy fat cow! is from November 2002 and therefore ineligible for 2003 post of the year. But it's certainly in the top 10 of 2002.

The above are 3 of my fave LJ writers. If they aren't on your friends list already, they have the lara7 endorsement of "stuff I really like reading, yeah".

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