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Would you, in the interest of science, allow me to graft this to your head?

Long ago, jtemperance pointed me to the wacky man-on-the-street stylings of Coyle and Sharpe. Basically, they took reel-to-reel tape recorders (sometimes hidden, sometimes not) out on the street in the early 60's and involved strangers in bizarre question and answer scenarios, such as:

'Would you be interested in helping future generations to fly?'
When the young man said 'yes,' the pollsters asked: 'Well, then, would you let us graft a pair of chicken wings on your forehead?'"


"A group of people in the musical world here in our city are exploiting animals for the purpose of making music. Would you say that you are essentially opposed to the idea of taking an animal and trying to evoke music from an animal?".........

"......If you yourself found that taking a small, let's say coyote in your arms, and running over the back of the coyote -- actually over the backbone of the coyote as the means -- the bow of a violin, and you found that you could make a beautiful sound, and you could become a virtuoso of this sort of music, and actually benefit both professionally and materially, would you tour the world?"

It was a more innocent time, to be sure. Today if you approached strangers and offered them $20 for their half-eaten sandwiches, or asked if they'd like a job in a fiery pit where people would watch them catch thrown objects while maniacs nip at their heels, you'd likely get shot, or at best avoided. But straight-faced white guys in suits could get away with a lot back then.

Check it out:

The site is maintained by Sharpe's daughter. lots of MP3s, videos, articles, and the like. I just spent 2 hours looking at stuff on the site, and I still havent seen it all.

Think of it as the forerunner of the Jerky boys, except surreal rather than blunt and/or offensive. Some of it's quite dated, but its amusing to see how gullible people can be when you screw with their expectations of normal behavior.

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