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look what the cat dragged in, or, I get more goth points than you

well, this has been an eventful weekend, but before I can recap that, I feel I should explain why I have a dead body in my freezer.

I'm sitting at my computer, after being home an hour (after the 13 or so hour drive home), catching up on email, when I hear a bizarre sound upstairs, a kind of chittering combined with a scuffle. I go up, and see my cat Won't munching on a bat. Not a rubber bat, a -real- bat. I'd say "a real, live bat", but besides being cliche, it would be untrue, as this thing was way dead by the time I climbed the stairs. I have no idea where it came from, how it got in my house, or how she managed to catch it, but apparently the sounds I heard was it confronting Won't before its sudden demise.

Next conflict was the other cat trying to get Won't to share her new plaything. Won't would have none of it, and also refused to yield her prize to me, her beloved human and provider of treats. she picked the bat up and dashed under a clothing rack. as I tried to grab her from under there, I fortunately knocked over the rack, frightening Won't into dropping the snack and hiding under the bed in the next room. The bat was now mine.

I almost threw it away outside, thinking that something this good would be dug out of the kitchen garbage immediately, but then the paranoia hit: what if the bat is rabid? what if it bit Won't? should I take it to the vet for an autopsy? so I wrapped it in a bag an tossed it in the freezer, to deal with during business hours tomorrow. Hopefully my kitty is okay; it's hard to examine her, because she's currently holding a grudge against me for scaring her with a loud noise and depriving her of her Spicy Wing appetizer (she's eaten one wing off this critter already, and either she swallowed it, or I'll be finding it in another day or so {shudder}). But it doesn't seem like the bat got her.

body in the fridge, bat in my house: I think I've gotten my Goth points for the week.

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