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In which I'm not feeling much like myself...

If you've thought my LJ entries of the last few days were a little bit...odd, there's a good reason for that.

All this time, I've been on vacation in Louisiana. My sneaky friends therobbergirl, shoutingboy, and avphibes have been updating my LJ for me, as if they were me (sorta). Many of the comments "I" made in my own LJ during this time are also them (though if I commented -your- LJ this last week, that was really me. The lara7 that answered the tattoo poll was really me, though the lara7 comments to that entry aren't me.

So, who caught on? Did my sudden awful taste in music (currently listening to Britney Spears and Celine Dion? Me?) give it away? How about the offhand way I mentioned the Codex Seraphinius donation instead of saying "Oh my GOD! This is the best book EVER! Let me talk about it for 10 paragraphs", like I would have done had we actually gotten one? My suddenly forgetting that das_prompt, though he loves to say "plate of shrimp", would never eat anything with a face?

I have now edited the entries my pals did with the true authorship identified. I hope y'all enjoyed reading them; I certainly did. Hope no one is too upset if they were fooled by the switcheroo. You may enjoy the subtle satire and self-deprecation more if you go back and read them now that you now the fix was in.

So, for the record:

1) The library did not get a Codex Seraphinius
2) I do not like Choose Your Own Adventure books, Celine Dion, or sexual escapades involving Bill Frist.
3) das_prompt is a vegetarian and does not watch Joe Millionaire.
4) I own big-eyed paintings, but unfortunately, not that one.
5) I stole this idea from avphibes and fidelity_astro, whose vacation switcheroos have involved non-gay all male nude tupperware parties, mouse beastiality, and appreciation of the Justin Timberlake solo record.

Big ups to therobbergirl, shoutingboy, and avphibes for making me laugh at myself, in a good way. I heartily recommend them for all your LJ impersonation needs.

In an hour, I get on a plane back to Washington. and I will be wearing underwear at the security checkpoint.

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