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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! or, in which I have Dim Sum and purchase an infamous fruit

Sunday I went to Dim Sum in Seattle with holyoutlaw and rimrunner, who I'd known from LJ and met in person before, and two people I hadn't (bonvogue and Chris, whose LJ name I can't remember).

The food was tasty. Aside from the good company and good food, two notable things happened:

1) I tried a food that I'd never had that I was pretty sure would gross me out. But since one of our party was into it, and it's not the same as ordering an entree that you might hate, I decided to try it.

The mystery food? Tripe. It's the stomach lining of a cow. It's very chewy. I didn't like it, but at least I tried it, and more importantly, didn't spit it out. So, yay me for attempting to be open-minded.

2) I bought a fruit I've always wanted to try. It's currently in my fridge. Here's a pic of it:

Yes, I know, never eat anything bigger than your head. The fruit in question costs 79 cents a pound, and this particular specimen cost me $4.07. Considering the weight of the fruit and the much -more -hardcore -than- pineapple spikes on the fruit, you could easily hurt someone if you were to lob this baby at them.

There's something even better about this fruit. If I were to tell you the name, you might know. But as a cultural literacy test, can you 1) identify this fruit just by looking at it 2) name the thing about this fruit that makes it infamous? (hint: note the cat's interest in the fruit. that's a clue).

Note: holyoutlaw,rimrunner and das_prompt are disqualified from the above contest, because they already know. I thinktinymammoth might also remember my obsession with this fruit when we worked together: if she does, she is also disqualified from the contest.

I will reveal the answer upon eating the fruit. I will also report on the experience of eating the fruit. That is also a hint.

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