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The first rule of Fight Club is, don't have manboobs....

2 dating rules for girls I've often heard quoted are:

1) Never date a man who has slept with fewer women than you have(1)
2) Never date a man with bigger breasts than yours.

So if this trend:
were to catch on, which I seriously doubt, rule 2 as we know it would be in danger of obsolescence.

This look could be fine for drag queens and other gender outlaws, but come on, folks. It's not gonna play in Peoria. Or even Sydney, where this picture is from.

Is innovation in fashion design so challenging that they have to resort to the ridiculous? I know men's fashion is more staid than women's fashion, but really.

(1) This is of course relative to years of sexual experience and total number of partners of both genders and if one or the other identifies as bisexual, but its probably not a bad guideline for straight folks. Also the reverse: A man should probably avoid a woman whose had fewer male lovers than he has.

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